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4:20 pm The Movie


Prosecutor, MARCUS BROWN and his pot-head buddy, OLLIE REED, are about to embark on a hilariously funny and often offensive adventure of a lifetime. When recreational marijuana dispensaries begin popping up all over Los Angeles due to California finally making them legal, Marcus is determined to save his family’s decades-old medicinal dispensary from becoming extinct. After he learns of the existence of a cancer-killing, mind-bending strain of marijuana, he immediately enlists the help of his best friend to help recreate the strain – if they can find the seeds. 

Marcus quits his job as a prosecutor when he learns that his uncle has been murdered after bringing back some exotic marijuana seeds from China. But prior to his death he hid the seeds and made a map of its secret location. The powerful strain, called The Marilyn Monroe strain, is a beautiful and elegant plant that mesmerizes anyone who gazes upon it. With map in hand the unlikely duo embark on an insane journey of self-discovery which will lead them on what seems like a wild goose chase. 

Unable to decipher the encrypted map, Marcus and Ollie begin to doubt whether they’re really up to the task. But then a beautiful young lady appears out of nowhere with just the right “smarts” to decipher the map. But soon the trio will come face to face with the people who murdered Marcus’ uncle for the seeds. Just when it seems that the girl has betrayed Marcus and Ollie by leading them into the hands of a madman bent on having them killed, she surprises them by helping them escape.

As the absurdly funny adventure unfolds we learn that the girl’s father, a senator, has used her to lead him to the secret location of the seeds. His main goal is to have these seeds destroyed because they threaten to shut down all the pharmaceutical companies which donate to his office. In the end, Marcus gets the girl and saves his parents’ dispensary. All in a day’s work.

4:20 pm The movie CHARACTER ROLES

  • DARAN BROWN, 40s, African-American
  • MARCUS BROWN, late 20s, African-American
  • OLLIE REED, early to mid 20s, Caucasian
  • MR KIM, 40s – ASIAN
  • MR CHO, 60s – ASIAN
  • MARCUS’ DAD, 50s – African-American
  • MARCUS’ MOM, late 40s – African American
  • DONNA, early 20s, clerk at medicinal marijuana dispensary – Any race
  • DEXTER, late 20s, owner of recreational marijuana dispensary (competition) – Caucasian
  • ALYSSA, early 20s, Marcus’ love interest and Senator Bailey’s daughter – Caucasian
  • SENATOR BAILEY (corrupt politician), late 50s, main antagonist – Caucasian
  • HITMAN BOSS, early 40s, works for Senator Bailey - Caucasian
  • HITMAN #1, mid 30s, works for HITMAN BOSS – Caucasian
  • HITMAN #2, mid 30s, works for HITMAN BOSS – Caucasian
  • VARIOUS POLICE OFFICERS (Corrupt), work for Senator Bailey
  • HOMELESS DUDE -   Any race 

Movie Details

Production Budget: $200,000

Domestic Releases: Trailer 2019 (Wide) 

Video Release:

2019 by Universal Home Entertainment

MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, pervasive language including sexual references, and some drug use.

(Rating bulletin 2234, 2016)

Running Time: 109 minutes

Comparisons: Pineapple Express, Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code, The Goonies  

Location: Modesto ca

Source: Original Screenplay


Production Method: Live Action

Creative Type: Contemporary Fiction

Production Companies: Open Road Films, Boss up like a boss Production

Production Countries:USA

Boss Up Like A Boss Inc

Boss up like a boss productions


Dewey Bedford


bossuplikeaboss@gmail.com United States

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